Social media star Lauren Clarke shares her excitement ahead of the Moy Park Belfast City Women's 10K

18 June 2024

Lauren Clarke has amassed a loyal following on TikTok with her entertaining and witty running vlogs on the social media platform. She often shares accessible running advice on how anyone can get into the sport and find enjoyment in it.

Social media star Lauren Clarke shares her excitement ahead of the Moy Park Belfast City Womens 10K

Lauren will be taking part in this weekend's Moy Park Belfast City Women's 10k at the iconic Titanic Quarter. We spoke to her ahead of the event and asked her what gets her through the long runs, advice she would give to anyone who is hoping to get into the sport and why she loves the sport.

Have a look at some her fantastic advice here:

  • Favourite pre-race meal: Granola and yoghurt for sure.
  • Favourite post-race treat: A flat white and cinnamon bun.
  • Your #1 running shoe brand: My favourite everyday training shoe would have to be the ON Cloudmonsters.
  • Your #1 running clothes brand: I love the lululemon running shorts but also a massive Nike girl.
  • Song that motivates you: I listen to a fair amount of musicals when I run, usually Hamilton, In the Heights, SIX, but also Time of our lives by Pitbull.
  • Favourite training run route: Bangor to Donaghadee, a very long straight, relatively flat road with beautiful scenes by the sea.
  • Favourite running accessory: Has to be my pink running socks - cute and practical!
  • How to fit a run in: How you fit running into a busy lifestyle I think it's all about prioritising & fitting it into your routine in a way that works for you. I found this especially hard with my marathon training where I'd have 5+ runs a week. For example, I knew I would never really want to go on a super long run after a busy day in work so I always scheduled those for the weekend. I do try and get out on a run or to the gym most nights after work as part of my routine, it really helps clear my head & switch off for the evening.
  • Best advice for first time runners: Slow and steady wins the race. You won't wake up one day and miraculously be able to run a 5k but if you start small, and stick at it, it will come! When I started running at the end of 2020 I would exclusively run a 3km loop near where I lived. I slowly built myself up to a 5k, and I think I could only do this because I took the pressure of a specific 'time' or 'pace' off. Never did I think I would one day be able to run 10k, or even half / full marathons! It gets easier and more enjoyable so persevere the first few months.
  • Why you run: Running is amazing for your physical and cardiovascular health but for me I think it was always a lot more of a mental thing. I struggled quite a lot with my mental health when I was at university & picking up running really was an escape for me! The 'runners high' or endorphin buzz you get after being outside in the fresh air on a run is second to none in my opinion, I always feel so much lighter and positive afterwards. Sometimes I can run for and hour or two and not remember anything, it's like moving meditation.

Lauren will also be taking part in the race on behalf of Cancer Focus, the official charity partner of the event. The work the charity is doing here in Northern Ireland for women facing the tough battle of cancer is invaluable.

By Justin Millar, Belfast Live Marketing Manager