As Northern Ireland's favourite water brand with its roots in Co. Antrim, Deep RiverRock are proud to support the Moy Park Belfast City Women's 10K.

With a shared vision to encourage more people to lead active and hydrated lifestyles - the partnership continues to be a perfect fit for Deep RiverRock.  

Deep RiverRock has evolved to reflect changing Irish society, becoming a more modern and sustainable brand, but retaining its uniquely playful tone of voice. The new strategic direction and brand platform - Nice One! – reclaims the popular Irish phrase as a pure expression of happiness.

Since 2019, Deep RiverRock have proudly upgraded their full range of water to use 100% recycled materials to produce their bottles. This is one of the many changes that Deep RiverRock are making to mitigate their environmental impact. They are encouraging everyone to make small changes that can help make a difference, like choosing a bottle made from recycled materials. So, when you choose a Deep RiverRock bottle, you know that you are making a positive choice. 100% Recycled Bottle. Nice One!

The wrap that covers Deep RiverRock 100% Recycled Bottles are also made from 100% recycled materials. Another step towards making a difference to the environment. 100% Recycled Bottle wrapped in 100% Recycled Materials. Nice One! This move aims to inspire more responsible disposal of waste and greater recycling among consumers. Deep RiverRock will work closely with Belfast City Marathon to ensure that all bottles distributed on the day of the marathon are recycled properly to go on to become new bottles in the future.